Catalyx - Talent intelligence platform

Enparadigm’s Talent Intelligence Platform, enables organizations to achieve role-fit for the Future of Work.

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3 Engines of CatalyX platform


Periscope is our proprietary AI-driven Competency Profiling Engine which generates industry and role-specific competencies dynamically updated to align with the future of work requirements.

How Periscope helps you

Quickly identify and generate competencies

Analyze the competencies required for the FoW

Have informed career conversations

Identify trending or in-demand competencies

Make better talent decisions


Prism is our Role-Fit Assessment Engine which leverages an array of byte-sized assessment tools ranging from proctored SJTs to 360 degree surveys to evaluate the technical, behavioral, and cultural fit of talent on the identified competencies.

How Prism helps you

Assess the role-fit during hiring & role transition

Use a combination of SJTs, 360 etc.

Get instant reports with development tips

Ascertain the competency gaps for the Future of Work

Make informed talent management decisions


Voyager is our Learning Path Generation Engine which creates hyper-personalized, experiential, and gamified learning journeys based on adult-learning principles to plug capability gaps for the Future of Work discovered using Prism.

CatalyX is tailor-made for you if...

You have a distributed workforce

Your e-learning adoption is low

You want scalable learning

You want custom paths for each learner

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