Confluence - Business Simulations for Leadership Development

BFSI is the most demanding sector when it comes to building trust, relationships, and brands with customers. Our learner-centric capability programs strategically support the rapid digital transformation, enabling better team performance.

The evolving BFSI landscape can be challenging

Managing Remote – Relationship Gaps

Exponential decrease in branch footprints and lack of knowledge of using digital services can hamper building trust in remote relationships with customers, teams, stakeholders.

Struggle in Designing Solutions

Digitally aware customers increasingly demand personalized journeys and services.

Sustaining Work Culture

Elevating employee experience while creating and sustaining synergies in a hybrid/remote environment.

How we help your teams

BFSI - Competency Mapping

It All Starts From Competency Mapping

Identification of the core skill gaps across roles in BFSI organizations. Designing training journeys based on competency mapping for individual/role/function.

Designing Experiential Journeys

Adopt a blended-learning approach and create experiential journeys using simulations, micro-learning, and mentoring. Derive insights from ongoing trends in BFSI with highly engaging case studies and digitized modules.

Designing Experiential Journeys
Designing Experiential Journeys

Digital-first Platform

Enhance the learning journey with our learner-centric platforms. We deliver bite-sized learning through personalized recommendations.

Embrace Continuous Evolution

Our journey based modules ensure continuous evolution across role changes and promotions for learners.

Our Solutions

Role-transition Training

Reducing promotion to performance gap across all types of role transitions in financial services

Sales Capability Training

Building calibrated and performance-driven BFSI sales capability

Customer Service Competence

Enhancing connect and responsiveness of customer service & customer-facing roles

Catalyx Development Platform

Helping fast track development of new behavioral competencies

Businesses of the Future

High potential training programs

Managerial capability

First Time Manager development journeys/ First Time Manager Graduate Programs

Our Clientele