Voyager: Gamified Digital Learning Platform

Enparadigm’s award-winning game-based digital learning engine designed for scalable consumption, helps organizations develop talent and bridge competency gaps for FoW through hyper-personalized, adaptive, and experiential talent journeys.

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Voyager - Digital Learning Engine
Making Talent for future

What we know about Making Talent Future Ready?

3 focus areas to prepare talent through Digital Learning

1. Continuous learning

Due to rapid changes to the work, workforce, and workplace, competencies required to excel in a typical role changes every 2 years.

2. Experential learning

Traditional approaches to learning have long been found inadequate. People forget 80% of classroom learnings in 3 months.

3. Digital learning

Distributed workforce models and gig work are gaining popularity. More than 90 percent of talent prefer a hybrid work arrangement.

Three Core Adult Learning Principles

Application Oriented

Makes learner receptive to learning before driving learning

Sharp, sticky, and application-oriented learning frameworks

Emphasis on real-life decision making and dilemma

Adaptive Learning

Blend of theory and practice in the learning modules

Multimodal learning using visual, doing, reading, listening

Safe space for making mistakes, learning, & improving results

Active Learning

Experiential & immersive work-related, story-based simulations

Gamification based on the tenets of ‘Flow’

Interactive and competitive gameplay

Voyager Learning Journeys are powered by our simulations

Voyager- Learning Journeys

More about Catalyx Voyager

You can use CatalyX as the single stop for all your talent development needs or add a powerful augmentation to your current solutions library by integrating it with your HRMS/ LMS

A few of our Foundational Certification Journeys

Corporate Fundamentals

First Time Manager Essentials

Business Leadership Essentials

A few of our ‘Preparing for the Future of Work’ Certification Journeys

Managing the VUCA World

Staying Cutting Edge

Working with Cross-Functional Teams

A few of our ‘Nurturing Impactful Stakeholder Relationships’ Certification

High Impact Communication

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Strategic Relationship Management

Catalyx is self-learning reimagined with simulations, designed for the modern workforce

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