Consumer Goods and Retail Training Solutions to  Drive Efficiency

The disruption in the Consumer Goods industry has forced businesses to redefine their strategic processes & workforce systems.

Challenges in Evolving Consumer Goods

Adapting to a Digitally Evolved Customer

Customer journeys in consumer goods continue to evolve dynamically. It has reached a point where customers now decide on their purchases even before they step into the store or online marketplace. Understanding & adapting to new customer journeys can be challenging.

Thinking Beyond Channels

The channel ecosystem in consumer goods is becoming increasingly complex with not just new channels coming up every day, but also channels intersecting at various points. Maintaining a holistic view of the channel ecosystem can be difficult.

Knowledge of Consumer’s Life

Understanding what influences a consumer by analyzing their decisions, shopping behavior, and its implications on products has become a basic necessity. Intelligent usage of data and analytics in such an environment is for success in the consumer goods industry.

How we help your teams

Competency Mapping

Starting with Competency Mapping

Acknowledgment of the core skills gaps between roles in organizations in the Consumer Goods sector. A competency-based approach to designing training journeys for individuals, roles, and functions.

Designing Experiential Journeys

Learning experiences using simulations, micro-learning, and mentoring with a blended-learning approach.Discover the latest trends in Consumer Goods with highly engaging case studies and digital modules.

Digital-first Platform

Digital-first Platform

We offer learner-centric platforms to enhance the learning journey.Through personalized recommendations, we provide bite-sized learning.

Embrace Continuous Evolution

Using journey-based modules, we provide learners with continuous growth regardless of their role changes or promotions.

Designing Experiential Journeys

Our Solutions

Role-transition Training

Reducing promotion to performance gap across all types of role transitions in financial services

Sales Capability Training

Building calibrated and performance-driven BFSI sales capability

Customer Service Competence

Enhancing connect and responsiveness of customer service & customer-facing roles

Catalyx Development Platform

Helping fast track development of new behavioral competencies

Businesses of the Future

High potential training programs

Managerial capability

First Time Manager development journeys/ First Time Manager Graduate Programs

Our Clientele