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What we know about Making Talent Future Ready?

3 focus areas to prepare talent for the FoW

1. Continuous learning

Due to rapid changes to the work, workforce, and workplace, competencies required to excel in a typical role changes every 2 years.

2. Experential learning

Traditional approaches to learning have long been found inadequate. People forget 80% of classroom learnings in 3 months.

3. Digital learning

Distributed workforce models and gig work are gaining popularity. More than 90 percent of talent prefer a hybrid work arrangement.

Three Core Adult Learning Principles

Application Oriented

Makes learner receptive to learning before driving learning

Sharp, sticky, and application-oriented learning frameworks

Emphasis on real-life decision making and dilemma

Adaptive Learning

Blend of theory and practice in the learning modules

Multimodal learning using visual, doing, reading, listening

Safe space for making mistakes, learning, & improving results

Active Learning

Experiential & immersive work-related, story-based simulations

Gamification based on the tenets of ‘Flow’

Interactive and competitive gameplay

Voyager Journeys are powered by our simulations

More about Catalyx Voyager

You can use CatalyX as the single stop for all your talent development needs or add a powerful augmentation to your current solutions library by integrating it with your HRMS/ LMS

A few of our Foundational Certification Journeys

Corporate Fundamentals

First Time Manager Essentials

Business Leadership Essentials

A few of our ‘Preparing for the Future of Work’ Certification Journeys

Managing the VUCA World

Staying Cutting Edge

Working with Cross-Functional Teams

A few of our ‘Nurturing Impactful Stakeholder Relationships’ Certification

High Impact Communication

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Strategic Relationship Management

Catalyx is self-learning reimagined with simulations, designed for the modern workforce

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