Sales Capability Journeys: Sales Training Program

Sales capability development is a high-impact area for any organization with a high ROI - if done right.

However, many sales training programs fail because they are predominantly focussed on the technical aspects of sales, lack opportunities to practice the learnings, and are often ad-hoc, one-time interventions.

Instead, a robust blended journey with coverage of both technical and behavioral competencies delivered in a journey format with action learning checkpoints and simulation pedagogy can improve the success rate of sales development initiatives.

enParadigm has developed its Sales Competency Model based on in-depth research and a holistic understanding of sales career growth and performance on the field. This model is used to develop our sales capability development solutions.

Sales Capability Journeys: Sales Training Program

A few of our sales capability journeys include:


Sales Fundamentals Capability Journeys


Sales Managerial Capability Journeys


Sales Leadership & Business Capability

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