Are sales leaders giving transformational feedback?

June 8, 2023
Are sales leaders giving transformational feedback?

It is just one more day before the month ends.Your sales team is still 13% off the monthly target. It is last month revisited, not to forget the previous ones.With less than 24 hours to go for the current month, the storyline is familiar - requests for discounts, bulk sale schemes, credit extensions, waivers are all being thrown via emails, SMS’ and WhatsApp. As a sales leader under the pressure of monthly targets, you accede to a few requests and turn down some. And somehow the month comes to a ‘managed’ close.And then the new month begins. What do you think will happen in the new month?Your guess is as good as mine.As a sales leader, could you have done anything promptly? Could you have redressed the situation to elicit desired behaviors from sales managers?Could you have given Feedback? A transformational feedback?

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Are you just giving transactional feedback?Don’t you give feedback to your team on missed sales goals, margin contraction, credit extension and so on? Does the feedback work?I am confident that some of your sales managers act on the feedback. But are there are a few who still demonstrate the same behavior irrespective of the feedback?Have you wondered why?Have you explored the reasons that may be resulting in the non-performance?Could it be a behavior issue?That perhaps is the time to dig deeper and take feedback to the next level which empowers the team member to radically change outcomes. Enter transformational feedback.What transformational feedback is?High-quality supervisor feedback is preserved till the annual performance appraisal. For some, it could be the feedback they were always looking for. But isn’t a year, a really long time in sales?With frontline sales managers having revenue responsibilities, it is imperative to capture the opportunity to give transformational feedback such that undesirable habits and behaviors can be addressed.What is your feedback style? Transactional or transformational?

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