Should L&D go Uber?

May 24, 2023
Should L&D go Uber?

Hasn't Uber changed the way we commute?It certainly has, for the better.Can we Uber L&D too?Maybe or maybe not. But, it definitely begets a discussion, given the increasing emphasis of linking L&D to business outcomes.

Ahead of Business

Last Saturday, our weekly insight emailer quoted Karen Kocher (CLO of Cigna) talking about “The Top L&D Challenge”.And it is.“Staying one step ahead of business”Is L&D able to do so, today?

Current State

Is the current approach to L&D static?A year long training calendar, struggling to align with business, market and user needs; and not to mention the ever-shrinking budgets.L&D would need a new approach to think business lest going one step ahead.

Enter UBER

Imagine.During the course of the year, 'Trainees' across your organization choose their L&D programs autonomously. Either aligned to business needs or their self-development needs. They complete their programs, progressively towards a goal, all by themselves. Think of this as a health club, where participants choose their diet, their workout and their trainer.L&D just does assessment, analysis and planning.Will this happen? But, with drivers.Do you have the following drivers in place?

  • Business Need & ROI: The L&D ROI is fuzzy, at best. All the more reason for business to emphasize on it. L&D ROI will become real, only when it solves 'real' business problems. That is why it is the frontline business leaders with P&L responsibilities and their team members who are best placed to choose learning interventions that propel them towards their goals. In an increasingly dynamic environment for business, these choices may have to be made fast and quick, autonomously. Wouldn't L&D do well just to create the structures and framework to support this autonomy?
  • Onus on the Learner: How would you rate the level of engagement and retention of your L&D participants? Engagement, retention and utilization of those learnings during the conduct of business is key to success. While L&D can enable, success in any intervention is a big function of learner commitment. An Uber model could encourage that commitment. Do you agree?
  • Technology is Personal: If you have tried any of the ride booking or ride sharing apps, you would know how easy and convenient it has become. Technology is doing the same to learning - making it personalised, on-demand and private. Do you have enabling factors in place in your organization?

I invite your views.

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