Selecting the right program just got easier

May 24, 2023
Selecting the right program just got easier

In the first week of December, I contacted 6 of our oldest clients, to take feedback from their HR heads. For once, the meetings were not about our programs or their effects. Instead, I concentrated on their concerns with learning and development programs in general.One of the top concerns: it was difficult, (or at least time-consuming) to identify the right programs that fit their needs.They narrated many instances of wasted meetings, mis-spent learning budgets, cryptic collateral, and programs that seemed to promise everything for everyone.My team worked on the problem, and I am pleased to present the enParadigm Program Selector. You can now select your target audience (by level and function), choose which learning needs you wish to address, and we will present programs that fit. Do remember that this tool presents only the base version of each program - we can then customize these per your specific needs.

To use the program selector

  1. Select the level of your target audience (We have programs suitable for multiple levels, from CxOs and SVPs down to entry-level managers)
  2. Select the function/department you wish to target (or select cross-functional for programs that apply to a multi-departmental audience)
  3. A list of available learning needs will appear. Select your company's current imperatives.
  4. Click 'Find the right program' for a list of our programs that would suit your selections.
  5. Look through additional material (click the link in the description) - or better yet, call us for a consultation.

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