Effective pre-work for management development programs

May 24, 2023
Effective pre-work for management development programs

Most of our clients agree that management development programs are an art – hard to get right, but sublimely beautiful when they hit the mark. So how do you ensure these programs, which consume your company’s most valuable resource – your top management’s time – are effective time after time?One oft-ignored ingredient is pre-work. We found that expert pre-work can help your managers’ prepare better for the intervention, acknowledge its seriousness, link its insight back to their business and diligently implement their learning.

Effective Pre Work

Top management involvement is a vital part of an intervention’s success. A push from top management in the pre-work stage ensures:

  1. The development program’s is designed with specific objectives in line with the company’s requirements
  2. The scope of the program is clearly bounded – so participants can concentrate their efforts and track effectiveness
  3. Send a clear signal on the urgency of the objectives, and therefore the seriousness of the program

Individual input, covering each participant is the second half of the pre-work equation. Typically, a good pre-work team takes inputs from:

  1. The participants themselves – to understand individual strengths and approach angles. Participants also get to understand and appreciate top management’s expectations for them from the program
  2. Their reporting managers – to zero in on gaps and link these gaps to the overall directive from top management.

A 2-level pre-work plan will help you better target your programs (and its participants). It will also ensure results (and satisfaction) at all levels – the C-suite decision makers driving the program, reporting managers hoping to address pressing concerns, and participants looking for a relevant, interesting intervention that helps them get better at their jobs.

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