Avoid these 5 pitfalls in simulation programs

May 24, 2023
Avoid these 5 pitfalls in simulation programs

4 years ago, Harvard Business Review ranked business simulations among its ‘Top 6 Innovation Ideas’. These programs are experiential by design, and guarantee high levels of participant engagement.Capitalizing on this new tool, business and HR leaders across India are looking to deploy simulations in their management development calendars. But many of them may end up disappointed (with the results), and disenchanted (with the platform).Simulations are a great tool. But there is a tendency to focus excessively on the platform (usually a software or game), and ignore the fact that, just like any other Management Development Program, these also need to be deployed and used effectively and expertly.Watch out for these 5 pitfalls in your simulations plan:

  1. Too many levers to push
  2. Too much noise
  3. Limited to the obvious
  4. Engagement without learning
  5. Objectives mismatch: Master the ‘game’ or gather business insight?

Have additional experiences to add? Do drop me a line, and we will ensure your words reach the right audience.Download the complete guide, which includes examples and how-tos.

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