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WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd
WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd

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WNS rolled out a new competency framework to help build the capability of its people and scale up the business to the next level. In line with the rollout of the intervention, the company wanted to develop its middle managemeet on competencies of Transformational Thinking, Business Acumen, Leading and Engaging People, and Client Centric Execution. The identified target audience consisted of General Managers who were moving from an operational delivery role to a client facing and account management role.

enParadigm met 9 key stakeholders across 6 business units to design and deliver a 2-level, 1 year long engagement for for 75 participants across multiple countries via video conference. The identified areas were industry awareness, customer centricity, resource planning, process optimization and resource planning.

“Implementation of black belt projects involving multiple functions.”
“Improved ability to link decisions in support functions such as HR to the financial impact on the business.”
“New offerings created and marketed to customers resulting in new revenue streams.”
“Optimization of resources to reduce headcount and improve operating margins.”