Top Management – Manufacturing

Top Management – Manufacturing
Give your senior management a CEO’s perspective
Your functional / departmental heads, while being experts in their domains, often lack your CEO’s perspective, leading to missed opportunities and sub-optimal decisions in the long run. A strong strategic orientation, deep customer insight, a cross-functional, holistic perspective of business, and sufficient financial and commercial acumen are vital for managers being groomed to lead multiple P&Ls, business units, or functions.
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Key business takeaways for participants
Strategic thinking and long term planning
  • Formulating business strategy
  • Selecting new market opportunities
  • Creating long term differentiators
  • Managing shareholder expectations on ROI
Driving customer centricity
  • Selecting & winning customer segments
  • Market research and competitive intelligence
  • Sales channel engagement
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance customer loyalties
Financial impact of decisions
  • Capital budgeting
  • Managing cash flow and profitability
  • Understanding the impact of business decisions on P&L
  • Long term financial management
People Management
  • Cross-functional alignment of KPIs
  • People productivity enhancement
  • Performance appraisals and incentives
  • Leading large teams
Operations and Research
  • Capacity planning and automation
  • Insourcing vs outsourcing
  • Strategic R&D investments
  • Customer service and on-time delivery
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