Top Management – BFSI

Top Management – BFSI
Give your senior management a CEO’s perspective
Your functional / departmental heads, while being experts in their domains, often lack your CEO’s perspective, leading to missed opportunities and sub-optimal decisions in the long run. A strong strategic orientation, deep customer insight, a cross-functional, holistic perspective of business, and sufficient financial and commercial acumen are vital for managers being groomed to lead multiple P&Ls, business units, or functions.
Key business takeaways for participants
Holistic view of business
Your senior management have been running their functions/departments successfully for a while. Now, get them to think of business from a CEO’s perspective, rather than from their function perspective. Show them what it takes to run a company successfully and profitably in an unstable, competitive environment.
Strategic thinking and execution
The joy of a great strategy lies in executing it! Give your senior management a taste of creating and executing strategy to create a unique advantage for your company. Help them understand the various components of strategy and the importance of execution, possible pitfalls in execution, the impact of action and inaction on company performance, and also possible changes in strategy to counter competition activities.
Financial impact of decisions
Your senior management drives key business decisions on strategy and growth. They have been reading P&L statements for many years now, but how well do they understand it and how many have taken actions to improve their contribution to the company. Help them identify key drivers of P&L and understand the impact of each and every business decision on the P&L in the long and short term.
Customer centricity
Your senior management knows the concept of customer focus, but so does everybody else. Help them identify the key levers that will help them connect better to customers and elevate your business to the next level by tapping into those key areas which might not seem too relevant at first, but are likely to result disproportionately faster growth.
Cross-functional collaboration
Your senior management may be experts in their functional domains, but tend to get into functional silos when things are turbulent. Help them develop a better understanding of the roles and constraints of other functions and the interplay between them to take more informed decisions.
Market dynamics
Your senior management tracks market and competition movement closely. Help them understand the impact of external factors on your company’s performance – customer decisions, competition movement, vendor capabilities, etc.. and make more informed decisions that drive growth and also drill down the changes in their team to adapt to changing conditions.
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