Tata Auto Components Ltd

Tata Auto Components Ltd
Tata Auto Components Ltd


Tata AutoComp Systems, or TACO group, is structured as a set of 16 distinct business units, including multiple joint ventures. Mr. Deepak Joshi, the human resources head, wanted to enhance coordination between different functional and business units. Senior management from across the 16 units needed to improve their strategic alignment and financial acumen.

enParadigm’s facilitators and business simulation experts worked with the intended participants to set the objectives of the proposed intervention, and designed an intervention to enhance strategic orientation, cross-functional collaboration and financial understanding. enParadigm reviewed the impact of the program after 1 year.

Participant Outcomes
“We analyzed the market and current technology in detail, understood a certain customer need, and designed a new product to fulfill the same.”
“Decisions even for small deals are taken keeping in mind the complete overview of the business. Pricing decisions of even one customer are looked at from a holistic view.”