SmartSell Mobile Marketing

SmartSellTM Mobile Marketing

Every salesperson equipped, and ready

Where do salespeople need help?

Over the last 7 years, we met and worked closely with hundreds of sales leaders across industries. We have spent a lot of time to brainstorm and understand the key levers to enhance sales teams’ effectiveness and drive revenue. One big challenge that came up everytime is, how to train my first level sales executives to

Be thorough and up to date with key features of all our products

Nurture their customer relationships, and not be transactional in their approach

Get more out of their meetings and have meaningful conversations with their clients

Handle customer objections and push the deals forward, crunch the sales cycles

Make sure that there is consistency of message across the entire sales force

A one stop tool
With a frictionless mobile platform
Customized marketing collateral

With it’s mobile first approach, SmartSellTM makes it very easy for your salesperson to get customer meetings, build relationships, and to have effective conversations with their clients. They can now spend more time selling, and less time worrying about handling customer questions.

What makes SmartSellTM effective?

SmartSell is built after extensive field research with sales executives. We spent 18 months on the field with sales executives from industries like insurance, financial services, pharma, IT etc. to understand what it takes to drive sales effectiveness. We wanted to find ways to train, and equip them through online and mobile platforms. We understand their day-to-day challenges.

Always worried about weekly and monthly targets
Cannot focus on learning: always on the move, working on uncertain customer schedules
Constantly thinking about the next customer meeting or on how to get enough meetings for next week

Sales people are addicted!


of subscribers use the platform every week


relevant personalized collateral content gets shared every month


personalized sales proposals are made every month

Smarter across your sales cycle

SmartSellTM helps your salespeople across the sales cycle from getting the contact, closing the deal, post sales service, and identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. SmartSell allows them to quickly and easily understand, show, or share collateral. This collateral is relevant to the situation and customized to the customer’s specific requirements.

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