SalesPro Pipeline

SalesPro Pipeline
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This simulation is built around a B2B sales model that introduces participants to the challenges in maintaining a healthy pipeline. It is ideal for sales and marketing function in direct sales organization.

Participants get to build better and more valuable relationships with customers and runa two year business in two days.
Key Participant decisions
Relate to customer organization hierarchy
and buying behavior
the deal lifecycle
Manage multiple stakeholders
in client’s organization and their needs
Drive various metrics
of pipeline management
Analyze conversion ratios
across different stages of the pipeline
Drive revenue targets
through critical understanding of cyclical revenue vs predictable revenue
Improve forecasting accuracy
through better understanding of deals in the pipeline
Looking for customization?

Using enParadigm’s trademark REI framework, we take inputs at business, function, and every participant’s level, to customize the complete simulation intervention to meet your specific business objectives and strategic priorities

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What else does the intervention include?

Concept Sessions

Industry sales meet

Facilitator Debriefs

Quarterly review with business head

Post-workshop Action Plans

Post-workshop Retention Modules

Personalized Participant Follow-up with Impact Tracking

Integrated 6-month Participant Progress Dashboard for Organizers

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