SalesPro Distribution

SalesPro Distribution
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This simulation is built around key decisions that a sales organization needs to sustain growth and profitability in a distribution sales model. It is ideal for sales and marketing function of a distribution sales organisation.

Participants need a transformation to excel as the company’s primary growth engine and run 8 months of business in two days.
Key Participant decisions
Creation of sales plan
for 1 year for a virtual company
Route planning and adherence
and understand effects of increasing outlet coverage and repeat distributor visits
Fulfil demand and customer service
through leveraging BTL activities at retailers
Explaining retailer schemes
in monetary values and ROI of schemes for the retailer
Optimizing schemes
and promotions to boost sales
Inventory management
and planning
Drive revenue
from multiple customer segments with conflicting needs
Looking for customization?

Using enParadigm’s trademark REI framework, we take inputs at business, function, and every participant’s level, to customize the complete simulation intervention to meet your specific business objectives and strategic priorities

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What else does the intervention include?

Concept Sessions

Industry sales meet

Facilitator Debriefs

Quarterly review with business head

Post-workshop Action Plans

Post-workshop Retention Modules

Personalized Participant Follow-up with Impact Tracking

Integrated 6-month Participant Progress Dashboard for Organizers

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