Reliance CAM : Beaking Silos

Reliance CAM
Breaking Silos
Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd

BFSI ( Asset Management)

Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd (RCAM) wanted to reclaim market leadership by becoming the most preferred investment option for their customers. In a competitive market, it was critical for the company to work on attracting long-term customers and enhancing the customer experience to achieve growth. The challenge was to align all their managers in the CEO club (high-potentials) to the new strategy and make them work towards common long term goals.
They needed to enable high potential managers align with the organization’s long term business goals and take collective efforts to realize them.

Simulation-based intervention to bring about cross-functional thinking and holistic business acumen in High-Potentials across multiple functions (CEO Club)

“It has helped me to prioritize the clients and get additional revenue from this group of customers.”
“We launched a new product for increasing wallet share.”
“I could analyze competition and show my client that our product was much better due to which he accounted us with 75% of his fund.”
“Made me realize how businesses and markets change, and hence how fast I need to adapt or set trends.”