Project and Program Managers – IT, ITes, BPO, KPO

Project and Program Managers – IT, ITes, BPO, KPO
Help your project and program managers step into the shoes of delivery heads, manage large teams and drive customer delight
Your program and project managers may be technical experts, but they face significant challenges in balancing challenges across people, quality, on-time delivery, project risk, and financial targets. Equip them with visibility across all these dependencies, as well as the tools to deliver consistently, drive enhanced customer value and achieve financial targets.
Key business takeaways for participants
Cost and profitability estimation
Your middle managers are experts in their technology domains but tend to face issues when it comes to effort and cost estimation. Help them with a deeper understanding of estimation and forecasting that would help them achieve better margins and save unnecessary costs.
Managing customer expectations and change requests
Change requests can come in at any time and hamper the progress of an ongoing project, leading to delays and cost overruns. Help your project managers deal with ad-hoc requests while ensuring timely and quality delivery Also, help them manage customer relations better by identifying key stakeholders in the client organization to negotiate change handling.
Link daily operational decisions to operating margins
Small changes made during a project could lead to a massive impact on margins at the end of the project. Help your project and program managers identify key levers that control costs and margins, like attrition, quality, automation, training, resource allocation, etc.. Also, help them understand the effect of delays, unutilized resources and re-work on the overall profitability of the organization.
Integration across functions
Working across functions is a key requirement to develop a holistic understanding of business. Help your project and program managers to step out of their daily roles and understand the constraints of their key stakeholders within your organization like sales, HR, finance, etc..
Competency building and alignment
Project and program managers lead multiple teams through different projects for different clients, handling various types of processes. Help them develop agility in their teams by giving them an understanding the importance of planning and aligning competencies to customer requirements, so as to deliver projects at lower costs and higher quality.
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