Production Managers – Consumer Durables

Production Managers – Consumer Durables
Help your plant managers get a plant heads perspective, and run a plant as a profit centre
Your plant managers are relentlessly working on reducing the cost of your operations, at times at the cost of fulfilling sales forecasts or niche customer requirements. Help them align planning, sourcing, production, maintenance, and people productivity to manage the trade-off between meeting dynamic market requirements and driving operating profitability.
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Key business takeaways for participants
Holistic view of business
Your production managers are a key component of your business and form the backbone of your business offerings. But most production managers tend to get caught up in the daily fire-fighting mode of production, RM, staffing, shift outputs, quality rejections, etc.. Help your production managers get out of this mode and understand business from a holistic perspective and give them an understanding of market and competition activities and trends to help them think beyond production.
Cross functional collaboration and managing internal stakeholders
Your production teams interact with all other functions and are also influenced by other teams. Help them understand the key pressure points and constraints of other functions and how decisions from other functions are likely to impact production requirements.
Manage internal stakeholders
Your production managers and production schedules are heavily impacted by ad-hoc requests, customer pressures, maintenance schedules, machine breakdowns, RM availability, etc.. Help your production managers manage internal stakeholders and influence them to ensure optimal planning and execution.
Prioritizing production runs and handling multiple lines
Your production managers handle multiple product lines that make various products with various configurations. They tend to get into the comfort zone of doing production planning as per requests and pressures from sales teams or customer demand, hence leading to suboptimal planning and execution. Help them prioritize production runs and handle multiple product lines and configurations that ensures operational efficiencies as well as fulfilling customer requirements.
Capacity planning and operational efficiency
Your plant managers are well aware of the current capacity, demand and operational efficiency, but not always on top of the situation when it comes to future planning, capex decisions, process changes, etc.. Help them envisage growth plans for future requirement, increase operational efficiency, control costs, increase resource utilization, interact better with other functions, etc..
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