Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials
Morgan Advanced Materials


Morgan Advanced Materials is a global manufacturer of specialist products for thermal insulation, utilizing carbon, advanced ceramics and composites for a broad range of markets. David Kowal, Director HR – APAC, Ian Robb, Regional President – APAC, and Ralph Gomarsall, Director Finance – APAC, designed the Velocity program, a leadership intervention, for high potentials from different functions across Asia Pacific, to prepare them for their respective function head roles. Velocity was run across 4 modules over 18 months, and conducted in India, Singapore and China. It aimed at providing a multi-country platform to these managers where they could leverage their diverse business experiences and derive insights from each other. The 4 modules were Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Business, and Communicating Strategy & Change.

For the Leading Business module, enParadigm delivered a business simulation experience for participants to integrate their insights on strategy, managing business, budgeting and finance, in a virtual real-time business environment.

Participant Outcomes
“I got a good exposure to finance and strategy. I am now aware of the importance of proper planning and decision making based on market information.”
“I saw the importance of accurate forecasting and experienced the benefit of a solid strategy.”
“I realize the importance of strategy including parameters like gross margin and profitability.”