Middle Management – Automotive

Middle Management – Automotive
Give your middle management a cross-functional overview of business
Your middle (functional) managers are key drivers in the execution of strategy. Give them a broader perspective of business and help them understand and drive strategy. They influence (and are influenced by) every other department’s decisions. Equip them with visibility across all these dependencies, as well as the tools to analyze financial impact of their decisions and synchronize with other functions to drive enhanced customer value.
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Key business takeaways for participants
Cross-functional decision making
Your middle management may be experts in their functional domains, but tend to get into functional silos when things are turbulent. Help them develop a better understanding of the roles and constraints of other functions and the interplay between them to take more informed decisions.
Team and competency building
Your middle managers lead teams and drive the bulk of the organization. Equip them to handle teams better by understanding the company strategy and breaking them up into individual actions and goals to help all team members align to the big picture of the company.
Commercial understanding
Your middle managers have sound technical understanding but still display heavy bias/orientation towards the technicalities of the role, rather than thinking beyond their role. Help them transform from technical managers to techno-commercial managers by understanding how their role and their teams contribute to the P&L of the organizations. Help them understand the financial implication of their decisions in the long and short term. Also, help them identify actions and process improvements within their domain that could lead to better profitability.
Resource utilization and cost structure
Your middle managers lead teams of people across different functions. Help them understand the impact of building competencies for their teams to be future ready as per the company strategy, understand the impact of under-utilized resources on team and department profitability, and also deploying the right resources for the right job.
Forecasting and market understanding
Your middle managers tend to get caught in the rigmarole of daily work, and sometimes lose sight of changing market conditions, competition activities and customer preferences. Help them develop a deeper understanding of market forces and competition activities that will help them to forecast future requirements more accurately, and hence plan for various contingencies.
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