Learning Curve

Learning Curve
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This simulation is built around strategic decisions in a complex, large-ticket, durable product business. It is ideal for the senior management teams (SVP, VP, SGM, GM levels) to get a CEO’s perspective of business.

Participants have to take decisions straddling many functions and run a two year business in two days.
Key Participant decisions
Formulate strategy
with a 3 to 5 year time horizon
Drive customer centricity
in a market with diverging customer expectations
Prioritize investments
in multiple geographies
Anticipate and adjust
to macroeconomic fluctuations
Grow market share
without compromising on profitability
Balance innovation
and long-term investments with P&L pressures
Looking for customization?

Using enParadigm’s trademark REI framework, we take inputs at business, function, and every participant’s level, to customize the complete simulation intervention to meet your specific business objectives and strategic priorities

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What else does the intervention include?

Concept Sessions

Participant Group Discussions

Facilitator Debriefs

Board Meeting with Investors

Post-workshop Action Plans

Post-workshop Retention Modules

Personalized Participant Follow-up with Impact Tracking

Integrated 6-month Participant Progress Dashboard for Organizers

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