IL&FS Financial Services

IL&FS Financial Services
IL&FS Financial Services

Financial Services

IL&FS Financial Services built its business model around a specialized understanding of the infrastructure sector. The company analyzed infrastructure projects which could face difficulty in getting bank funding and estimated project investments and cashflows. It then worked with Indian and foreign banks to create syndicates and offer customized financing and recovery structures to fund the projects. The company made money by charging premium interest rates over banks, and offering financial consulting services to infrastructure companies. Post the global recession in 2008, there was a shift in the market. Client facing managers needed to identify potential customers more sharply and approach them proactively. They needed to enhance their negotiating skills to sell profitable deals. The company also faced a challenge with on-time recovery of loans and churning its cash to generate profits.

Using our Relevance-Engagement-Impact(REITM) system, enParadigm designed and delivered a 6 month business intervention where participants ran virtual companies in cross-functional teams, designed offerings to virtual customers, and competed in a virtual marketplace for business.

We also did an impact assessment post 6 months to review implementation outcomes.

“Better understanding of business strategy and competitive positioning in the marketplace.”
“Better perspective on clients’ point of view and negotiating for win-win deals.”
“Improved cross-functional coordination between business development, regulatory and support teams to create competitive offers for customers.”