HR Managers – Engineering

HR Managers – Engineering
Give your senior management a CEO’s perspective
Your functional / departmental heads, while being experts in their domains, often lack your CEO’s perspective, leading to missed opportunities and sub-optimal decisions in the long run. A strong strategic orientation, deep customer insight, a cross-functional, holistic perspective of business, and sufficient financial and commercial acumen are vital for managers being groomed to lead multiple P&Ls, business units, or functions.
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Key business takeaways for participants
Perception of HR
Most of your colleagues in other functions perceive HR as a support function that does not understand their issues and are generally distant from business issues. Help your HR managers break this image by getting into the nitty-gritties of business, speak the business language, be involved in solving business problems and project HR as a key stakeholder in business, rather than perceived roadblocks.
Business acumen
Your HR managers interact with every function in the organization. Help them understand the nuances of your business and appreciate the numbers people in sales, production, marketing talk about and have more relevant conversations. Also, help them understand your company goals for the future and break them down to actions that need to be taken proactively.
Cross functional synergy
Your HR managers conduct interviews for almost every function at every level. Help them understand the key requirements of business better and help them speak the business language. Also, help them understand key pressure and stress points of various roles, use this information to hold meaningful conversations to improve employee engagement and retention.
Aligning HR and business requirements
Your HR managers, specially BP HRs get caught in the conflicts between business requirements and HR guidelines. Help them manage this conflict by balancing requirements from each side, negotiating and ensuring business understands HR constraints and vice versa.
Workforce planning, leadership pipeline and building talent
HR managers play a key part in defining how smoothly leadership development and transition happens. They take key decisions on hiring, training, promoting people, etc.. Help them find a good balance between internal growth vs external hiring, encouraging internal talent vs getting fresh ideas from outside, plan for budgets in the long and short term, get a business on-board with their plans and ensure smoother, efficient working.
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