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Häfele, established in 1923 in Nagold(Germany), is a global leader in furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic locking systems and technical hardware advice. Before entering the Indian market, MD Jurgen Wolf had identified a demand for architectural and utility products in India. Häfele India could clearly set a mark for themselves soon after they arrived in 2001, with their USP being functionality combined with great design. The company wanted to improve market penetration and convert more and more aspiring buyers to proud customers. In that direction, the company wanted its managers to step up on business understanding.

enParadigm, using its REITM methodology, scoped out specific business challenges for different batches of managers, and delivered interventions to help bridge them and realize business impact.

“Negotiated the credit period from 45 to 60 days for many of larger vendors.”
“Inventory period has come down by 15%.”
“Lead time reduced from 120 days to 75-80 days.”
“DSO came down from 60 days to 52 days.”