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The GMR group had shifted their business model from EPC (Engineering- Procurement- Construction) to B-O-O-T (Build–Own-Operate-Transfer). Under the EPC model, senior leaders were competent in building and delivering assets to customers. However, after the company switched to a BOOT model, the leaders had challenges in operating assets profitably and ensuring Return on Investment. GMR Energy wanted to help its leaders move to an asset light model and understand how to run a business profitably.

enParadigm leveraged a simulation based business intervention program for 19 plant heads, which gave them the opportunity to create a business plan, setup assets, sell their offerings in a virtual market, and manage the commercial impact of various decisions taken over multiple quarters.

Participant Outcomes
“I am going to closely monitor the admin expenses and their impact on PAT. I plan to align our department with the organization strategy.
“Focus on increasing shareholder value on a sustainable basis. For doing that, I will work on a plan, do thorough analysis of competitors and their behavior.