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General Motors
General Motors


When we met senior leaders at General Motors, we found that compared to the global market, they faced tougher challenges to sustain market share in the competitive Indian market. Sales were lower than forecasts, and there were significant cost overruns with vendors. The marketing, planning and engineering teams needed to align better with each other, to design and deliver cars with differentiated features when compared to cars made by competition.
The senior leadership team in India needed to understand how to differentiate in the marketplace, plan and forecast more accurately, and collaborate cross functionally to win in the Indian market.

Using our Relevance-Engagement-Impact(REITM) system, enParadigm designed and delivered a 6 month business intervention to give participants a holistic business perspective of business. They ran virtual companies in a simulated business environment, segmented customers in a virtual market, and created a strategy to win in specific segments. They drilled down strategic objectives into functional KRAs and KPIs, and collaborated across functions to make decisions across multiple virtual quarters, and saw the impact of their decisions on their market share, financial statements, and competitive market positioning.
Participants went through weekly post program retention modules, and defined SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result & Timebound) goals. enParadigm put in a place a followup and review mechanism to measure impact over the next 6 months.

“Creation of 5 year warranty under maintenance, the only company in the industry to do so.”
“Regular meetings with suppliers to proactively review performance and manage costs better.”
“Better cross-functional interaction and collaboration between teams to deliver business outcomes better.”
“Sing specific financial metrics to measure and manage business performance.”