Ennore Coke – Driving Operational Effectiveness

Ennore Coke
Driving operational effectiveness
Ennore Coke Limited

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Ennore Coke wanted to empower it’s managers to improve operational effectiveness while dealing with problems like inventory costs, wastage, seasonal quality concerns, and workforce allocation – which are typical to the coal industry.
The top leaders at Ennore coke wanted their managers to acquire business acumen, experience decision making and see what impact their decisions had on other departments and the company.

enParadigm leveraged an operations intervention for middle managers to experience running a large business, see the impact of their decisions and equip themselves with the tools to take these decisions effectively.

“We used to sell only one size of coke. Now we added 2 high-value sizes, and make INR 3,000 extra profit per ton sold.”
“We have reduced inventory of machine parts: Earlier we used to keep INR 6 lakhs of inventory, now we maintain 1.5 to 2 lakhs.”