Distribution Sales – Consumer Durables

Distribution Sales – Consumer Durables
Give your area managers a sales head’s perspective of business
Your sales managers seamlessly handle distributors, local marketing activities and sales executives as part of their daily grind in achieving topline numbers. However, they lack a longer term orientation and a bottom-line perspective. Help them improve their planning processes, drive a profitable product mix, have win-win commercial negotiations and enhance channel partner ROI.
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Key business takeaways for participants
Distributor and channel partner management
Your sales force are often heavily dependent on distributors and retailers. Help them manage distributors and retailers better by analyzing performance of key channel partners, their ROI and contribution to sales growth. Equip them with the understanding of distributor and retailer ROI and help them negotiate better with your channel partners. Also, help them understand the importance of getting new distributors and retailers onboard to drive sales.
Outlet coverage and market penetration
Route planning as per area, business, population, etc.. is a key activity for your sales team. ASMs generally get caught up in route planning activities for sales officers and sales reps, leaving them with lesser time for planning and data analysis. Help your sales officers get an in-depth understanding of route planning, outlet coverage and repeat coverage based on past performance, best selling SKUs, best performing outlets, etc.. Also, help your sales force to understand the importance of getting new outlets onboard, spending optimum time at each outlet and holding more meaningful conversations.
Product mix and profitability
Your sales team handles multiple SKUs across multiple outlets. Help them analyze the most profitable and best selling SKUs and ensure the efforts for these key SKUs, outlets and channels are always maintained to drive consistent sales performance.
Schemes and incentives
Your sales force handles multiple offers and schemes for distributors, retailers and consumers. Help them explain the advantage of schemes in monetary terms to retailers and distributors to increase off-take. Also, help your sales force understand the financial impact of schemes and discounts on overall profitability and help them suggest more relevant schemes and offers for their respective areas and do a cost benefit analysis of possible schemes and offerings.
Market and competition analysis
Your ASMs and sales officers spend most of their time on the field and are in the best position to assess competition activities, products, schemes, margins, etc.. But most of them are too busy in their daily activities, trying to hit their targets. Help them understand the importance of market and competition activities and how it is likely going to impact their performance, and hence plan for corrective measures.
Develop a robust sales team and processes
Your ASMs are your first line of managers. They handle sales officers and sales staff. Help them analyse performance of team members, look beyond numbers, invest time in training people, improve processes, handle attrition, plan for growth etc.. Give them a managerial perspective of how to run a sales organization.
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