Direct Sales – Manufacturing

Direct Sales – Heavy Engineering / Manufacturing
Help your B2B sales managers manage their sales funnel effectively and drive consistent revenue growth
Your account managers spend a lot of time and energy building deep relationships with their customers. Help them understand how to identify and build relationships with key stakeholders, sell your USP, prioritize their time and win deals systematically.
Key business takeaways for participants
Stakeholder management
  • Understanding the customer’s business
  • Identifying key customer stakeholders
  • Understanding stakeholder needs
  • Building relationships with key stakeholders
Pipeline management
  • Mapping stages of the sales process
  • Identifying correct stage of each deal
  • Improving forecasting accuracy
  • Driving consistent revenue
Sales conversations
  • Talking the customer’s language
  • Selling benefits and USP
  • Selling value
  • Transferring confidence
Sales productivity
  • Prioritizing winnable deals
  • Talking to the right stakeholder
  • Improving deal sizes and win ratios
  • Closing deals faster
Financial management
  • Improving pricing and margins
  • Driving consistent cash flow
  • Understanding P&L
  • Managing sales promotions
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