Delivery & Sales Managers – IT, ITes, BPO, KPO

Delivery & Sales Managers – IT, ITes, BPO, KPO
Give your client -facing managers a customer’s perspective of business
Your offshore managers in pre-sales, operations, delivery, or project management are responsible for ensuring customer delight and repeat business. However, an inability to see key issues from the customer’s perspective is a major roadblock. This often leads to misunderstanding, scope issues, delivery delays, cost overruns, etc., ultimately lowering delivered value and destroying up-selling opportunities.
Key business takeaways for participants
Understand rationale behind client decisions
Your client facing managers (delivery, sales and pre-sales) play a key role in the growth plan of your organization. They need to have a deep understanding of the client’s business and industry and the reasons behind major client decisions. They should be in a position to link the possible opportunities to your organization’s capabilities and processes. Help them develop a consultative and commercial mindset that will complement their technical skills.
Navigate multiple client roles
Your delivery managers and project managers have the unique advantage of interacting with multiple stakeholders within the client’s organization. Help them understand multiple client roles and also identify their individual constraints and pressure points to hold better conversations and build relations.
Holistic business perspective
Your client facing managers need to appreciate how their code is being used in the client’s organization and what business impact it is driving. This will help them mature as trusted business partners and advisors and also enable them to tap opportunities better with clients.
Cross functional collaboration
Your client facing managers play a pivotal role in giving your organization insights about your customers and their businesses. This information is helpful when shared with people and used to align your competencies to customer requirements. Help your managers realize the importance of working across teams, domains, functions, etc.. to help drive better cross-functional synergy.
Financial and commercial acumen
Your delivery and project managers spend a lot of time with clients, leading teams and efforts. They have a lot of resources tied to their activities that cost time and money. Help them be aware of the different costs incurred and equip them with tools to protect and improve margins and also identify areas of improvement.
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