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The future of marketing is value-added, high-context, personalized content. As a content writer, designer, or animator at enParadigm, you will be part of a small, operationally autonomous team driving this core agenda.

Our team constantly innovate to deliver more. For example, on one platform alone, in the last year, over 50,000 customers have shared more than 16 Lakh unique pieces of collateral – all of which is delivered by a team of 4 people.

Regular work includes posters, motion graphic videos, presentations, brochures, etc. Special assignments can range from designing our new office to working with the engineering team to mass-produce high-context collateral.

Meet the team

“enParadigm is a hub of languages, cultures, aspirations and “health goals”! Each day we go through small tea parties, diet plans, scrounging for good places to eat and elaborate lunch gossips. And in between, we adjust out work! The culture here is truly one of it’s one. We voice our opinions, barge in any room when we need anything, fight for what we feel right and most importantly, we are heard! And if we forget to call anybody by their names and instead just utter ‘Sir/Ma’am’, our wallets are ready to be emptied. You are fined if you give unwanted respect! To sum up. We enjoy, we chill and we work!”

Surmila Sen Roy
Content Manager

“You actually have a life here unlike other companies. Great work life balance. You could hardly find someone as a boss here. That is because everyone is treated equal. Once you join the family you learn each and every nook of the company as it is very transparent with everyone. Even the worst idea of yours is heard and you have the freedom to fight for your idea. Culture wise and skill wise we are diversified. Maybe soon the company might have a person from every corner of the country.”

Rajesh Kumar
Graphic Designer
Open Positions
Graphic Designer
Degree in Design, 1+ years design experience, Illustrator and Photoshop, ₹5L – ₹7L, Bangalore
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