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Asian Paints Ltd
Asian Paints Ltd

Chemicals; Consumer goods & services

Asian Paints conducts LEAD, a six month long three-stage developmental intervention that enables middle managers to step out of their functional mind-sets and start understanding broader business perspectives. The intervention was designed based on the need to provide internal training to selected employees who joined Asian Paints during early stages of their career and have shown integrity and growth potential.
Asian Paints wanted to nurture their skills and enhance their business acumen, so that the company could promote them from within rather than hiring mid-managerial talent from outside. The intervention kick-started with the a simulation program from enParadigm.

enParadigm leveraged a 2 days simulation based business intervention program for 44 high-potentials giving them opportunity to head virtual businesses and experience the commercial impact of various decisions taken over multiple quarters. The program was designed to build business acumen and drive thought-level changes – by offering desired insights in a business environment, that is very close to reality.

Participant Outcomes
“Mr. Sameer reports to me, he has improved in cross – functional activities and analyzing data for forecasting. He is able to see the bigger picture of business functions.”
“I decided to work on three parameters after the workshop ; cost cutting, negotiation and forecasting. It is really showing results.”
“I am focusing on strategy & planning for better decisions and implementing them.”